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Jan Stubna


From 01.06.05

Senior Portfolio Manager, Blank Consulting GmbH, Munich, Germany

  • Focus on American and Eastern European equity markets
  • Specialist on options pricing and trading strategies
01.08.01 – 31.05.05

Options and Futures Trader, Chicago, USA

  • Traded U.S. Equities, Equity Options, Index Futures and Index Options
  • Developed and used proprietary volatility based trading software
  • Focus on electronic trading
01.08.98 – 31.07.01

Managing Director, Private Equity Group, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Managed Prague based private equity investment management company
  • Researched Czech and Slovak companies as possible investment targets
  • Assembled, trained and supervised investment team for the company
01.09.93 – 31.07.98

Trader, Chicago, USA

  • Traded S&P 500 Futures and Futures Options
  • Traded U.S. Equities and Equity Options
  • Designed and implemented portfolio management software
01.03.87 – 31.08.93

Portfolio Manager, Chicago Research and Trading Group, Chicago, USA

  • Managed commodity futures and options portfolio
  • Supervised and instructed team of floor traders and clerks
  • Advised IT department on design and development of trading systems
  • Acted as a liaison between Chicago based IT development team and trading rooms in Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt and Tokyo
01.09.82 – 06.12.85

Systems Engineer, Datasystem, Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Assisted in design and implementation of IBM 360 software packages
  • Coordinated installation and service of operating systems software



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