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- Gerald Blank
- Andreas Stütz
- Jan Stubna



Andreas Stütz


From 01.05.05

Managing Director of Blank Consulting GmbH, Munich

  • Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Consultant to Banks, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds on Management of Special and Mutual Funds
01.07.03 – 30.04.05

Senior Sales Equities , JP Morgan, Frankfurt

  • Advising German Institutional Clients, global product
    Focus on Total Return and Hedge Fund Investors
  • Responsibility for idea generation within Sales Team
  • Strong Technical Analysis Approach, Global distribution of technical trading ideas internally as well as externally
02.01.00 – 30.06.03

Research Sales Equities,  Merrill Lynch, Frankfurt

  • Advising German Institutional Clients, european product
  • Account Management and Advisory for some of the biggest German Asset Management Companies with top 3 rankings
  • Responsible to broaden client base within Germany
  • Top Idea generator within Sales Team
  • Strong Technical Analysis Approach
01.04.91 – 31.01.00

Institutional Sales and Fund Management, Delbrück &  Co.Privatbankiers,  Frankfurt

  • Head of Equity Sales (1998 to 2000)
  • Team Head of Equity Sales and Equity Funds
  • Responsible for all Equity Business, Business Devlopement
01.12.86 – 31.03.91

Bayerische Vereinsbank, Frankfurt/ München

  • Trainee in Securities Business
  • Bond and Equity Sales to German, Swiss and Scandinavian Institutions



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